If you are about to choose a consulting partner for a critical project, do you want to risk making a decision based on deceptive resumes or clever marketing?

Have you ever been disappointed to find out that the consultant who worked with you on your project was not of the same caliber as the consultants who sold you a company's services?

Whether you choose Sylvan or another services company, we believe that the best way to judge prospective consultants is to find out how successful the company AND the individuals you are hiring have been at previous engagements.

At Sylvan, we are very confident in each and every member of our team, and as such we encourage you to find out as much as possible about us before you hire us. Having the right information readily available across your enterprise is a requirement for doing business efficiently and effectively. Sylvan can help you deliver the high quality IT solutions your business clients value and need, quickly and cost effectively. Our proven and effective methodologies can help you align IT with business strategy, develop effective enterprise architectures to keep development and maintenance costs to a minimum, and provide IT with the solid foundation upon which to grow.

We can help you develop and implement new methodologies and processes that enable your IT department to operate more cost effectively and efficiently, and assess existing projects, architectures, organizations and operations to determine if and where improvements can be made and efficiencies gained.

We offer:

Managed Projects and Services
•Leadership and management of end-to-end project lifecycle
•Single point of contact and responsibility
•A versatile team with a unique combination of technical, functional and project management experience
•Expertise and track record to build applications that will scale for the long term growth
•A solid software development methodology that focuses on efficiency, quality and control.

Strategic partnership and total customer satisfaction. We have project managers, development managers, technical and functional project leads, programmers, and business analysts with excellent experience in each of these areas.

Contact us to inquire about the current availability of our personnel.