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Sylvan Corporation has been an outstanding provider of business solutions since its founding in 1995. Sylvan's application experts have helped organizations use technology as an instrument for realizing measurable, money-saving improvements in business operations and customer service. We have worked with clients from various industries and capability area. We work well with people at all levels as a catalyst to get the job done, we will work with you to make it happen.



Feedback keeps you sharp. All professionals should be thankful for authentic and well-meaning feedback. It’s a way to gauge our performance, impact, and influence. Good or bad feedback is useful, when it comes from someone we respect. Companies pay $millions to research what their customers are thinking, and yet, as consultants we often get feedback for free. We ask our clients and our partners: •How do you think that went? Any feedback? •I was thinking about ABC approach, what are your thoughts? •Do you think we should run it by XYZ, or is it okay to send out by ourselves?

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